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  • Will Hughes

Should businesses deploy Windows 11 this year?

Microsoft has recently been releasing previews of their upcoming new operating system – Windows 11. We will give you a shallow dive into some of the headline new features and provide our advice on whether your company should be looking to upgrade once it is released. (Spoiler: You shouldn’t)

The operating system brings with it an all-new look and a host of security improvements. Here are some of the features which are all-new with Windows 11:

- Enhanced security through enforced requirement of hardware that supports security features such as device encryption, secure boot, Windows Hello and more

- An all-new cleaner interface, including a start menu that now defaults to the centre of your taskbar, rather than the left.

- The ability to run Android applications in Windows

- Tighter integration with Microsoft Teams

- Improved multi-screen settings

Windows 11
The new-look Windows 11

As of the publish date of this blog, an official release date has not been provided by Microsoft but rumours suggest a release date sometime between October 2021 and early 2022. As such, many businesses are likely considering whether they should immediately embrace Windows 11 and all the new features it brings with it.

In our experience, first adopters of new operating systems (and software in general) are rarely rewarded. New operating systems are often buggy and suffer from compatibility issues with applications and hardware. Even with a comprehensive testing project, you are relying upon an operating system that has not been battle tested by the world en masse.

We recommend that businesses allow others to be the first adopters (testers!) and await firm recommendation from your IT support provider or department before proceeding with a deployment.

Windows 10 will remain supported and continue to receive updates and security fixes for a number of years, so there really is no need to rush into Microsoft’s latest operating system. There is also nothing that we have seen so far that would suggest Windows 11 is coming with any “must-have” features for business.

If you would like to speak with someone about your business computers or would like assistance planning for the future of your IT, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Firaya.



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