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  • Will Hughes

New Server Cyber Threat Emerges

A new security vulnerability has been discovered in a popular web server platform which could result in system compromises. This could place company data and systems at severe risk and should be remediated against as soon as possible. The vulnerability has been named “Spring4Shell” and it affects certain deployments of Apache Tomcat. Those seeking technical information can look here.

Apache Tomcat is widely used by application developers of all kinds and when a critical vulnerability like this comes to light, IT teams are often forced into panic mode as they attempt to verify what systems could be vulnerable. With an issue like this, it is not immediately apparent. This is due to IT teams and IT support providers not keeping adequate and up-to-date inventories of their devices, coupled with a lack of intrinsic knowledge of the technologies which run under the surface of the applications that are deployed across their systems.

We at Firaya are different - we have a permanent handle on exactly what is running within our customer environments and a level of cyber security knowledge which allows us to both rapidly identify the true risk posed to our customers and mitigate them efficiently. We have already conducted this process for this new severe system vulnerability and have ensured the safety of our IT Support & IT Managed Services customers.


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